Wet Paints Business Meeting......

Shows &

​                                            SEPTEMBER, 2021


​Sachem Library Exhibit:
Pre registration required.
Submit artwork deadline Sept 20th
two piece max
Drop: Oct 1st 10:00 am
Pick up: Oct 30th

Hi Everyone... Because of this recent virus dilemma, we have postponed  all meetings at Gillette House. We are waiting for the Town to reopen Gillette House, hopefully in the Fall. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Diner, 7:00 PM for dessert, good conversation, and show and tell of our paintings. The other Tuesdays are via Zoom.
Please check your email, Facebook page, and our website for schedule postings.

​Please note: A motion was submitted by the membership to move our start meeting times from 7:30 to 7:00. So please be aware ALL future meetings will begin at 7:00pm each Tuesday.

Reminder...  Because of covid, the 2021 membership is waived.You need to be a current member to participate in all of our events. 
New membership/ renewals for 2022 is due January 1st!!!

We are in need of VOLUNTEERS  for the following:

1. Monthly newsletter
2. Publicity Committee
3. Model/Demo Search
4. Exhibit Committee

We have lanyards (name tag/business card holders) for sale .50 cents. Can purchase at any meeting.

Once Gillette House opens......
We will be seeking artists who can perform a demo for us. If yourself, or someone you know, please contact us. We would love to gain inspiration from fellow artists!


Model for Tuesday portrait sittings paid $30.00  please call Doug Broadhurst or 
 e-mail at Captblue715@juno.com